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Torud pilt• Design and drilling of wells

Our experience and database allows us to design and build water-wells almost anywhere in Estonia. Our equipment enables us to drill shallow wells for supplying water for only one household, or deep wells or groups of wells for the water intake of whole cities. We are one of the few firms who are able to drill borewells in locations with a complex geological profile – where aquifers are soft and collapsing, where sand tends to mix with water and where water production is low (as is common on the Estonian north coast). These are situations where it is not only necessary to drill a quality borewell, but also to install special screens that are manufactured by our engineers in our workshop. If necessary, we can supply you with screens manufactured by world’s leading specialist GWE pumpenboese GmbH (plastic and stainless steel).

• Water pumps, pumping stations, tanks, water supply systems

To ensure that the borewell is not just a pipe protruding out of the ground we offer turnkey projects in external water supply systems. It means that we will install a submersible pump, install a pressure tank and automatic equipment and, if necessary, water purification equipment, install pipelines in the pumping stations and connect the pumping stations to the user. We are importers and distributors of pumps manufactured by SAER Elettropompe S.p.a. offering a full range of products both for pumping drinking water and wastewater.

• Renovation of pumping stations

In connection with Estonia ‘s accession to the European Union, there are now more stringent regulations in place for public water supply systems both in terms of water quality, as well as equipment and facilities. As a result, local governments and other operators of local water systems had renovated outdated pumping stations that no longer comply with the new regulations in terms of construction, equipment, automation and electrical installations, as well as in terms of water treatment. In recent years BalRock LLC has completed dozens of such projects and has extensive experience in renovating pumping stations.


• Maintenance and repair of borewells

During their lifetime water-wells, like other such facilities, require regular maintenance and, less frequently, repair. Maintenance mostly consists of powerwashing, during which sediments that have built up at the base of the well are washed out. At the same time the inner surfaces of pipes are cleaned. The procedure is completed by determining the new exploitation parameters of the well and taking new water samples. It should be noted that a well requires maintenance when water quality deteriorates, there are traces of sand in the water or the pump fails to produce any water. For carrying out maintenance we have, uniquely in Estonia , a compressor fleet which includes the most powerful Atlas-Copco machines that are capable of producing pressurized air at pressures of up to 21 cubic meters per minute up to 21 bar.
Borewells must be repaired when the submersible pump or other objects have fallen to its bottom, the casing pipe is rusted and is leaking, or when someone has clogged the borewell. We are always ready to assist our customers in restoring their well to proper condition.

Puurpink pilt• Video survey of water-wells

In 2011 BalRock LLC acquired a video camera, which allows to record water-wells up to 500 meters depth and provide adequate review of casing pipes and filters.

• Elimination of borewells

As with most technical installations, wells come to the end of their useful life after decades and must be eliminated. There should be a similar procedure when a borewell has no owner or for other reasons is no longer used. In order to protect the environment, such wells must be eliminated. This is just one of the services that we offer our customers.

• Mast holes and boreholes for earthing contours

We offer all kinds of non-standard drilling services for masts, posts, and holes for earthing, including larger diameters (up to 1,000 mm) and including into bedrock.