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Welcome to BalRock LLC home page!

Let’s get to know eachother…

  • BalRock LLC is active in Estonian and Latvian market and based on estonian capital 100%
  • We operate in two business fields – blasting works and water supply works, specially water-well drilling
  • In both fields we have the country’s greatest experience, we offer only the best quality services
  • Our mission is to be always ethical as in our customer and partner relations, as the attitudes towards the environment
  • In both fields we can offer as smaller as bigger works, we offer turn-key service and will not let a client down
  • The drilling machines used by us have the best fit to our geological conditions, we use latest technologies, which are constantly being refined
  • We have all necessary licenses, permits and registrations to carry out our works

About the company…Puurmasin pilt

Although BalRock OÜ was incorporated on 1 August 2001, the company’s origin goes back to 1949 when the blasting service of the soil improvement agency began its activities at the Ministry of State Farms. A few years later the drilling department was started. In 1960 the agency was liquidated and the blasting and drilling departments were merged with EMV, the unit for construction and assembly works of the Ministry of Agriculture. In 1966 EMV merged with the water-well design office that had been founded in 1959. In 1972 EMV joined the EKE system and became EKE EMV. After Estonia regained independence in 1991, EKE EMV was transformed into AS
EMV. BalRock OÜ considers itself successor of its drilling and blasting
departments since Skanska, the construction group that had recently acquired
EMV, decided as of 1 August 2001 to sell its drilling and blasting service unit in line with focusing on its core business, construction. As a result of the sale, Balrock acquired all client contracts and legal rights, business information, staff, management and equipment, and of course years of experience. In 2024 BalRock obtained the blasting work unit of KMG OÜ widening remarkably the field of blasting activities.

Up to now thousands of water-wells have been drilled and installed in Estonia. Many blasting projects have been completed for very varying purposes. Both fields of operations continue to be active in today’s Estonia.

We hope that our more than 70 years of experience in drilling water-wells and carrying out blasting projects is sufficient proof of our expertise, and that our customers will find our extensive experience and quality of work convincing.

We look forward to working with you!
Kalle Alasi
Chairman of the Board